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Use the following form to estimate your potential transfer credits.

Instructions for use of this form:

  • If you'd like to see if your previous credits may transfer, please select a school you have attended from the first drop-down list.  
  • A list of courses we've accepted before will populate in the "Course:" list.  
  • Once you've selected a course, our equivalent will display in the Course Equivalent text box (along with any additional requirements for credit if applicable).  
  • Click the "Add School/Course to List" button to assemble a list of courses.

Feel free to save this readout for your own purposes or print it off if you'd like a record.

Alternatively, you may opt to send a copy to your own email address by checking the box at the bottom of the form.

If you don't see your school or course in the list, you can use the section at the bottom to send course information to the Registrar for review.  Please include your contact information if you wish to submit a new course!






Course Equivalent:


Equivalent Title:


Additional course required for full credit (if applicable):

Transfer Credit Summary:

School:Course:Course Equivalent:Equivalent Title:Additional course required for full credit (if applicable):

Didn't find your course and still interested to see if it will transfer?  Enter the course details here and we'll look into it. 


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New School/Course Summary:

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Would you like to have our Admissions staff contact you?  If so, please select which method(s) work best for you: