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Term Title Course Code
YearTermCourse CodeTitleInstructorCreditsStart DateEnd DateStart TimeEnd TimeDays
2016FAAB 090 1C JumpStartWendell008-18-201608-19-20168:00 AM12:50 PMR
2016FAAB 090 1C JumpStartWendell008-18-201608-19-20162:35 PM3:50 PMR
2016FAAB 090 1C JumpStartWendell008-18-201608-19-20161:00 PM2:15 PMR
2016FAAB 090 1C JumpStartWendell008-18-201608-19-20168:00 AM3:50 PMF
2016FAAB 110 1C Introduction to Auto Body RepairBurchatz508-22-201612-09-201611:00 AM12:10 PMMTWR
2016FAAB 111 1 Auto Body WeldingBurchatz308-22-201612-09-20167:00 AM12:00 PMF
2016FAAB 112 1C Auto Body LabBurchatz508-22-201612-09-20167:00 AM10:50 AMMTWR
2016FAAB 210 1C Auto Body Electrical ACMerritt208-22-201612-09-20168:00 AM11:00 AMF
2016FAAB 211 1C Surface PreparationWendell308-22-201612-09-20169:00 AM10:15 AMTR
2016FAAB 212 1C Spray Equipment OperationsWendell108-22-201610-14-20169:30 AM10:20 AMMW
2016FAAB 213 1C Refinish MaterialsWendell110-17-201612-09-20169:30 AM10:20 AMMW
2016FAAB 214 1C Refinishing LabWendell608-22-201612-09-201610:30 AM2:40 PMMTWR
2016FAACCT 210 1C Principles of Accounting IWolff408-22-201612-09-20168:35 AM10:50 AMMW
2016FAACCT 210 21C O Principles of Accounting IRose408-22-201612-09-2016   
2016FAACCT 210 26C O Principles of Accounting IWolff408-22-201612-09-2016   
2016FAACCT 210 31C O Principles of Accounting ICavin408-22-201612-09-2016   
2016FAACCT 210 3C A Principles of Accounting ICavin408-22-201612-09-201610:00 AM11:50 AMTR
2016FAACCT 211 1C Principles of Accounting IIDavis408-22-201612-09-20168:00 AM10:25 AMMW
2016FAACCT 211 29C O Principles of Accounting IICavin408-22-201612-09-2016   
2016FAACCT 211 2C A Principles of Accounting IIRose408-22-201612-09-20169:00 AM10:50 AMTR
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