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STI Foundation Scholarship Application Process

Southeast Tech is awarding $500,000 in scholarships for Fall 2014!

By Completing the Southeast Tech Application you will be considered for all scholarships that are available to you. All Southeast Tech scholarships are valid only at Southeast Tech.
Students must be enrolled in 12 credit hours per semester and maintain the satisfactory progress requirements as stated in the student catalog to qualify for scholarship awards. Should any scholarship recipient choose not to attend Southeast Tech, the scholarship will be reallocated.   
General information is found below. If you have questions, call Admissions at 605.367.6040

Scholarship Information

$500,000 in scholarship funds are available through this single application!
The online Scholarship Application is currently open and available for use. (See links below.)
NOTE: Students will be notified of awards. Funds are placed directly into the Southeast Tech Business Office accounts for Fall Semester 2014, unless alternate disbursement is indicated by the Southeast Tech Admissions.

Completion Steps:

Scholarship Application Form.
The scholarship applicant should complete all sections of the online Scholarship Application and submit on or before July 3, 2014. You will receive an electronic verification when your application is received, sent to the email address you include on the form. IMPORTANT:  If it takes you more than an hour to complete the form, you may be timed-out and your application will not be successfully submitted. Suggestion:  Review the questions and prepare answers before beginning the actual online application.  Click here to fill out the Scholarship Application.
Scholarship Eligibility:

1. You must be a full-time (12 or more credits) degree seeking student.    
2. You must be a student in good standing who will represent Southeast Tech with positive student conduct and a GPA of 2.0 or greater.  You must not be in default on any student loans or have unresolved overpayments on any federal, state or institutional financial aid.

. You must be accepted as a student to Southeast Tech. Contact Student Services at 605.367.7624 for verification if you are not sure of your status.
Information about other scholarships available from external organizations is available in the Southeast Tech Financial Aid office or on the Southeast Tech Financial Aid website. You must apply directly to that organization and comply with their procedures and deadlines to be considered.
You are strongly encouraged to complete the FAFSA ( ) to supplement this application. Contact the Southeast Tech Financial Aid office at 605.367.7867 to check on your status.
Scholarship Thank You Examples
Provided are some examples of thank you notes for applicants who were awarded a scholarship and need help writing a thank you note
Thank You Note Example 1 (.pdf, 27K)
Thank You Note Example 2 (.pdf, 16K)
Thank You Note Example 3 (.pdf, 17K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.