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AQIP Timeline
STI has developed a timeline for the various AQIP activities in the accreditation cycle.
The AQIP cycle begins with an institutional self-assessment and flows through the steps of
the strategy forum, action projects, systems portfolio, HLC reviews, quality checkup,
and reaffirmation of accreditation.
AQIP Timeline (.docx, 16K)
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Strategic Planning Process
In order to sustain a dynamic strategic plan, STI has developed a process that will provide input opportunities from faculty, staff, administration, school board, STI Council and the public.  The Strategic Planning Process, as shown visually in the link below, involves the development, communication, implementation, evaulation, revisions and accomplishment steps used in the development of STI's strategic plan.  The second link below, STI Action Deployment Model, shows STI's internal planning process for continuous improvement actions once the strategic plan has been developed.
STI Strategic Planning Process Chart (.pdf, 26K)
STI Action Deployment Model revised Dec 2012.pdf (.pdf, 72K)
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Continuous Quality Framework
Southeast's TQ initiative functions through the systems of its committees, departments and teams.  Each group collects data for its focus area, analyzes the data and develops recommendations.  Recommendations and raw data are filtered through the Futures Team, which reveiws documents from an institutional perspective and makes recommendations to the Administration.  The Futures Teams functions as a think tank to assist Administration in final decisions. The cycle of data collection, analysis, recommendation, implementation, and evaluation helps ensure the overal performance of the school.
AQIP STI Framework 1-21-2013.pdf (.pdf, 211K)
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Self Directed Quality Improvement Program
The purpose of the Self Directed Quality Improvement Program is to encourage STI departments and programs to assess and implement improvements to the quality of the services they provide.  STI is piloting this process beginning in January 2013 with its three Horticulture programs, Civil/Surveying programs, Business Office and Bookstore.  Once the pilot is completed and any changes have been made, STI will begin the process with other programs and departments and will develop a schedule for ongoing program and department review.
Self Directed Quality Improvement Program (.pdf, 137K)
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