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STI's Futures Team helps the institute plan for continuous improvement (AQIP Category 8 - Plannning Continuous Improvement) and oversees the other AQIP Teams.  The team examines the institution's planning processes and how the strategies and action plans are helping achieve the mission and vision.  This includes vision, planning, strategies, action plans, measures and performance projections, alignment of strategies and action plans, and resource needs.
The Futures Team analyzes key data, distributes data to the appropriate team/committee/department/program for further analysis and actions, and receives feedback from the other AQIP teams on what actions they are taking.  The Futures Team also makes recommendations to the STI Administrative Team for action projects based on the analysis of the data.
Jeff Holcomb
Tracy Noldner
Erik Van Laecken
Craig Peters
Tami Skorczewski
John Wendell
Doug Warner
Tressie Reski
Patrick Hoier 
Jean Rose
Michelle Lounsbery 

AQIP Category 1: Helping Students Learn

Helping Students Learn focuses on the teaching-learning process and how the institution contributes to helping students learn and overall student development.  The category includes learning objectives, academic programs, student preparation, technology, diversity, teaching and learning effectiveness, student assessment, etc.
Debra Hunking
Craig Peters
Brian Cox
Julie Hanson
Debbie Huber-Stene
Tim Hummel
Judy Lucas
Jeff Talbott

Categories 3 & 6: Understanding Stakeholders, Supporting Operations

Category 3 examines how the institution works to understand student and other stakeholder needs. This includes identifying student requirements, realtionship building, complaint and satisfaction collection, and resolution.
Category 6 examines key support processes to provide an environment where learning can thrive. 
Jim Rokusek 
Lynette Grabowska
Tammy Kerfeld
DiAnn Kothe
Julie Pommer
Nikkie McMillan
Megan Ulmer
Andy vanZanten  

AQIP Category 4: Valuing People

Valuing People explores the institution's commitment to the development of faculty, staff, and administrators and includes work environment, training, hiring, recruitment, evaluation, retention, recognition and reward, motivation, satisfaction, etc.
Brian Williams
Jennifer Herrboldt
Debra Hunking
Molly Dietrich
Vicki Oswald
Mike Sullivan
JoAnn Zeeb
Kate Parkinson
Jeff Schlepp
Karen McAreavey
Michelle Olofson
Tracy Noldner