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The mission of Southeast Technical Institute is to educate people for employment in technical careers.

Student success is important to our faculty, and all faculty are involved in assessing learning. Upon completion of a degree, Southeast graduates will have demonstrated competence in the following areas:

Science and Technology: Technical competence including knowledge of technology and/or scientific principles as these apply to programs.

Problem Solving & Critical Thinking: The ability to select and use various approaches to solve a wide variety of problems – scientific, mathematical, social and personal. Graduates will also be able to evaluate information from a variety of perspectives, analyze data, and make appropriate judgments.

Communication: The ability to communicate effectively in several forms – oral, written, nonverbal and interpersonal. Graduates will also demonstrate knowledge of how to manage and access information.

Professionalism: Strong work ethic, including responsible attendance; skill in teamwork and collaboration, as well as an ability to work with others, respecting diversity; ability to adapt to change; commitment to lifelong learning; adherence to professional standards; and positive self-esteem and integrity.