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Mission and Vision

Mission:  To educate individuals for dynamic and rewarding careers that promote lifetime success and meet the workforce needs of our region.
(Adopted Fall 2016)

Vision: Educational Excellence
 for Tomorrow's Workforce

Strategic Goals

Institutional Leadership & Management 
Marketing & Recruitment
Programs & Partnerships
Resource Sustainability
                     Planning Continuous Improvement                Student Learning Outcomes              

                     Systems Portfolio                                        AQIP Teams    

                     Action Projects                                             Published Reports and Materials

                     Check-Up Visits                                            CQI Resources         



Southeast Tech was officially accepted into the Higher Learning Commission (HLC)  AQIP process for accreditation December 2006.  
AQIP stands for the Academic Quality Improvement Program.  We are pleased to be a part of this dynamic accreditation process based on continuous quality improvement ( ).
AQIP is a process through which an already-accredited institution can maintain accreditation through a series of activities over an 8-year period: development and update of a comprehensive systems portfolio with external review; strategy forum collaborations internally and with other institutions; action projects with yearly updates and HLC peer action project review; on-campus comprehensive quality and federal compliance reviews, and reaffirmation of accreditation. 
    Southeast Tech's current cycle and projected activities:
    2014-2015   Strategy Forum Participation (Campus based Forum pilot)
    2015-2016   No Requirement
    2016-2017   Systems Portfolio Submission and Appraisal by Peer Reviewers
    2017-2018   No Requirement
    2018-2019   Strategy Forum or No Requirement
    2019-2020   Strategy Forum (if not completed in 2018-2019)
    2020-2021   Systems Portfolio Submission and Appraisal by Peer Reviewers
    2021-2022   Comprehensive Quality and Federal Compliance Review by Peer Reviewers
                       On-Campus Visit
                       Reaffirmation of Accreditation 

Southeast Tech's Statement of Affiliation Status with the Higher Learning Commission

Strategy Forum is an intense 4-day workshop where about 14 institutional teams actively engage in AQIP activities. The purpose of the forum is to work with HLC staff, peer reviewers, and peer institutional teams to identify and clarify action projects for the institution. A team of 8 from STI participated in STI's first forum in October 2007. Jeff Holcomb, Debra Hunking, Tracy Noldner, Judy Lucas, Jennifer Herrboldt, Jeff Schlepp, Linda Johnson and Board Member, Debbie Hoffman. 
The workshop featured visioning our future, stakeholder focus and need, living the AQIP principles, and systems thinking.  In addition, we studied leveraging drivers, measurement, and planning.
The team revised the three institutional action projects and posted these on the AQIP website. Action Projects from all participating schools are publicly available at AQIP Action Project Directory.